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Ormside Projects invites Nkisi for a week-long residency [rez-o-nan-se] which culminates in 4 public events.

[rez-o-nan-se] “is an ordered arrangement of rhythm characterizing both the human and environmental fields that undergo continuous dynamic metamorphosis in the human environmental process.”

Hybrid Realities: Eleni Ikoniadou x Nkisi in Conversation Wed 8th June 2022 (19:30 - 22:00)
Dr Eleni Ikoniadou is a writer, theorist and practitioner born in Athens and based in London. Her research is situated at the intersection between digital media, speculative theory and sound art practice.

Secret Studies 001: Becoming Sound, Tuning with the Electromagnetic Thu 9th June 2022 (20:00 - 22:30)
At the moment we are in a crucial phase as the electromagnetic rate of the earth is rapidly changing in relation to solar flares erupting in the direction of the earth. These great transmissions of solar energy can be used to maintain the vibrational stability of the planet. Through sound syncopation and tuning, we can receive large data banks of vibration that could alter mind states and open up energy centers as we channel ideas, visions, and prophecies to better societies. As we become sound…

IMMINENT live, NKISI live Fri 10th June 2022 (20:00 - 23:30)
Founded by Olivier Moreau in the early 90s, Imminent Starvation has been heralded as a seminal figure within the field of extreme electronic music. In 1999, Moreau destroyed his mixing table, and gave away its pieces with the limited edition of his release Nord. Shortly thereafter, the name Imminent Starvation was shortened to just Imminent.

NKISI all night RITUAL w/ guests Sat 11th June 2022 (23:00 - 6:00)
In initiation practices, knowledge has to be experienced and information transmission happens through an altered state of consciousness. Trance makes it possible for the information to be exchanged instantaneously outside of space and time while stimulating the para psyche. Nkisi experiments with rhythm as a vibrational pulse using repetition and electric processes to collectively connect to the invisible multidimensional electromagnetic energy field, the Energy Torus. Earth has an energy grid that holds us within it, everything on earth lives on earth and is contained in this energy wave. We can reach a vibration beyond this energetic grid, beyond the magnetic field of matter. Beyond connects us to the telepathic mythologies and ancestral knowledge stored in the Cosmos.

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