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Valentines Day Special

Romika TV

Romika invites you to watch TV all afternoon into night on 14th February.

Indoors, alone, to celebrate the mystery, tragedy and glamour of love.

International, internationalist, broadcasting from Ormside to the cosmos. Join us on Romika TV šŸŒ¹

With DJs: Nikola Vitković, Vedma, Devica/ACC (Palermo), Candy Sez, Katie Shannon (DJ/LIVE), Somnambulist

Live sets/performances from: Adam Christensen, CECILIA, Vindicatrix, Sophie Sleigh-Johnson, Clup Alpino (Poland), Franziska Lantz, Sean Colum ( Tokyo), Robert Jack + Federico Lupo, Lucia Udvardyova/Palmovka (Budapest) + more TBC