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The Ladies Club


TLC.23 invites you to Ormside Projects on the 10th December for a dark eve of dancing around the collectively felt love of what is ultimately ‘gothic’ music and its varying moods and interpretations; interlaced with artists' audio presences and undercurrents of feministic revenge film histories. Through the sonic and visual, we are testing out in the most personal way we can, the potential of a club space as a site to explore fluctuating states of despair, trauma and mania through cathartic motion, processed with energy release in mind.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Sets by:
A Colder Consciousness
Katie Shannon
Candy Sez

Audio visual/live interventions:
France Lise Mcgurn
Vera Karlson
Rose Keyes
Susu Laroche
Keira Fox
Elena Bushueva
Katie Shannon
Sophie Sleigh Johnson
Ellen Freed

NB. This event pivots around difficult subject matter. Fundamentally it comes from a lived and critical position: one of rage, care and empowerment. However, please be aware that some of the imagery and audio have the possibility to incite distress.