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Susu Laroche

A podcast about virtue, food and indulgence. Featuring ASMR cooking with Louis Backhouse, dislikes with CG von Platen, shopping with Freya Field-Donovan and brain food with Shola von Reinhold. Featuring music by El Mahdy Junior, Abu Ama, Severin Black + Owen Pratt, Ramzi and Susu Laroche.

Recipes within include:
Whole grilled sea bass with hawayej + fennel, onion, mint and sumac salad
Chickpea Foul
Paratha / Roti
Crispy Chili Oil
Walnut Aillade
Persian Spiced Herb Omelette
Orange Blossom Carrot Salad
Rose or Orange Blossom Pilaf/Plov

Susu Laroche is an anagram of Chaos Lure Us and a multidisciplinary artist working with film, photography and music.