The Changing of the Guard

Sarah Rosamond Hartnett and Kieron Livingstone

Live from the ceremonial counties of Kent and Essex: the sounds of the Hoo Peninsula. A psychic Journey from Shornemead Fort to Tilbury Fort via carparks, laybys and graveyards.

All music written and performed by Sarah Rosamond Hartnett & Kieron Livingstone.

Poetry written and read by David Hartnett.
14:28 The Lack
37:11 In the Winter Valley

Sarah Rosamond Hartnett is an Artist currently studying for a Masters in Social Anthropology at SOAS in London. She ran the venue Health Mate Café on Caledonian Road from 2015-2018. Ongoing work with the Artist Lucy Stein: The Mary Leyline Pilgrimage. She contributes to Nervemeter – a non-profit magazine for the homeless.

Kieron Livingstone is an Art Director & Co-Publisher of Nervemeter Magazine. Livingstone has worked extensively with sound since the mid-90s, when he was a DJ at the long-gone Gossips nightclub in Soho. He was also a regular contributor to Sonic Mook Experiment, and a former member of bands Jack too Jack and LongMeg.

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